5 Quick Focused Stress Relief Tips

    1   Improve Mental Clarity and jump over hump-day with a midweek review of tasks & goals. Check in and check off that which is done and refocus on that which can still be achieved by the end of the week.


    2  For a Radiance Boost massage the skin around the face and get your glow back. Tap, massage, rub and roll the skin around the eyes, skin, mouth, cheeks and neck to reduce tired, dull skin caused from the strain of staring at screens all day.


     Include a yoga session to ease Muscle Tension.  Stretch out those limbs, knots and stress. Yoga has the benefit of feeling like an internal massage and a comforting hug all in one which relaxes mind, body and mood.


    4  Tempt yourself away from a midweek slump and support the Immune System with a vitamin & nutrient rich smoothie or a warm & nourishing bowl of soup.


    5  Run a hot bath or climb into a steaming shower for the ultimate Feel Good Factor. Escape from the cold with TARIO’s favourite stress reliever and achieve multitasking benefit by including deep breathing or meditation practise into your bath and shower time.

    Share with us your top Stress Relief tips.