During the past months we have all had to adapt in so many ways.  It has without a doubt been a time fraught with uncertainty, stress and tension.

    As lockdown eases and life starts picking up pace again, we review some of our top stress relief tips and ideas.


    Whether it be work, family or health keeping you at home, take time to get up and move around. An energising yoga flow or a few downward-dogs or even a few jumping jacks, will limber up the muscles and get the blood flowing and help release tension from the body.

    Play a board game – by now we have binge watched box sets, caught up on movies & zoomed away hours with friends & family.

    Take some time away from screens & introduce a board game.  From childhood favourites of Monopoly & Cluedo to Chess and card games.  Now might be the time to rediscover some old favourites or learn new ones.


    With summer coming to an end, make the most of garden time.

    Our favourite tip to get everyone outdoors is to create a sports day in the garden.

    A few rounds of swing-bat, garden tennis, cricket or kicking a ball are fun, easy ways to get the heart rate up.

    A sports day is not complete however unless there are races.

    Find some string to measure out your lanes.  Next raid the kitchen cupboard for some leftover flour.  Pour the flour along the line of the strings until you have the prerequisite number of running lanes, and there you have it – a perfect garden track for sack, sprint or egg & spoon races.

    Not only will the running and jumping be good for the body, but the excitement & enthusiasm is sure to boost the endorphins.

    If this all feels too energetic, roll out the yoga mat for a few sun salutations or just lie on the grass with a good book and soak up the Vitamin D.


    Phone a friend or family member to join you on a walk around your local area or for a visit to the nearest park.

    Catch-up over a cup of tea or coffee and take time to talk.  Meeting up with friends and family again is so special and sometimes this is all that is needed to help when feeling under the weather.  Talking, sharing, crying & laughing together is one of life’s great healers and something that so many of us have missed over this time.


    While the weather is still reasonable, plan a full day out.

    From woodland walks and blackberry foraging to an all-day hiking trail, pack a picnic and head out to the woodlands before the leaves start to turn.

    Fresh air combined with stretching out the muscles is one of the best ways to revitalise and reset mind, body & mood.

    We found inspiration for days out at The National Trust, Country File and National Trail.



    Complete your day by running a long hot bath.  Take time to lie back and soak.  Light a candle, put on some soothing music or just lie back and meditate.

    Take time to push the pause button, recover from the days commitments and prepare for a good night’s rest.