5 Favourite Infusions

    We all know how important it is to stay hydrated and drink the recommended amount of water each day but let’s face it, drinking good but plain water can at times be a bit boring. 

    So to change things up, we share our 5 favourite water infused recipes to keep things interesting throughout the day.

    Wake-Up Water!

    A light & refreshing way to start the day.

    ¼ cucumber sliced

    ½ lemon sliced

    1 sprig of fresh mint (optional)

    500ml water

    In a large glass, place the sliced fruit & pour in the room temperature water.

    Allow a few minutes to let the fruit & water infuse.

    Alternatively leave overnight in the fridge for a stronger flavour or add in some ice on a warm morning for a refreshing start to the day.

    Work-Out Water

    Grapefruit & pomegranate are packed with anti-oxidants & provide a revitalising flavour combination to your water.

    3-4 slices fresh grapefruit

    ½ cup fresh pomegranate seeds

    4 sprigs mint leaves (optional)

    500ml still water

    Add all the ingredients into your water bottle.

    Top up with ice for a cooling experience during your work out

    Keep your water bottle close-by & take periodic sips during the workout.

    Best consumed within 2-4 hours

    Mediterranean Infused Pitcher

    The warm fresh scents of the Mediterranean are released in this wonderful combination of orange, lemon and apple.

    Perfect for when family & friends are popping over.

    Position in the middle of the table for everyone to help themselves.


    To elevate the experience, swap out the still water for sparkling water.

    ½ cup sliced oranges

    ½ cup sliced apple

    ¼ cup sliced lemon

    ¼ inch ginger finely sliced

    Handful of fresh mint

    Add all the ingredients into a large pitcher and top up with still water and ice.

    Gently stir the ingredients so that the fruits are slightly bruised to release the flavours for a stronger taste sensation.

    To elevate the experience, swap out the still water for sparkling water.

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    Super Summer Infusion

    Something extra special and when ordinary water just won’t cut it, this is our go-to recipe.

    The tropical flavours of the summer fruit combinations of coconut, lime and pineapple are a fresh & fun

    way to keep hydrated on hot days.

    ½ cup coconut chunks

    ½ cup pineapple chunks

    ¼ cup sliced lime

    Handful of fresh mint leaves

    750ml still water

    In a large pitcher add in all the fruit.

    Pour in the water and top-up with ice.

    Add in the handfull of mint leaves and stir before serving.

    Great for BBQ weather.

    After Dinner Mint Tea

    After dinner fresh mint tea is a simple & effective infusion to help digestion after a meal or before bedtime.

    Known to help induce sleep for a good night’s rest and a great alternative for when you want something warmer.

    5- 10 sprigs of fresh mint

    250ml – 500ml Hot Water

    Pour hot water into a tea pot or your favourite mug.  Add in a handful of fresh mint and allow to brew for two minutes.

    Warm your hands and let your body relax with the warming & refreshing taste of fresh mint. 

    Can also be used first thing in the morning to wake up the body as a caffeine free alternative to traditional tea and coffee.