Achieve a custom and curated space with our favourite bathroom decor and design tips to update this key room in your home.

    With spring in the air and lockdown easing in the coming months we will hopefully be welcoming guests back into our homes. 

    The house might have had a clear and cleanout over the past year but the bathroom, which is a high intensity use area, might need a boost to refresh and renew for an updated look and feel.

    1.  Colour Palette



    To create the ideal bathroom haven start with a colour palette selection. A mood board is a good starting point to match and compliment colours and tones.

    For an elegant and stylish design, keep the colours neutral.  Accent colours can be brought in with accessories to balance and enhance the space.


    Should the urge for colour inclusion be strong, select a dark colour such as the timeless Stiffkey or Inchyre Blue from Farrow & Ball. 

    A top tip is to only paint from halfway up the wall – this will create an illusion of height, useful if decorating a smaller bathroom.

    2.   Declutter, Clean & Throw



    Start the make-over with a declutter of the bathroom cabinet, shelves and surface areas.   

    Empty out drawers and clean and wipe down bottles and lids. Invest in trays or boxes for skincare and makeup. Repack & restack all your favourite bathroom essentials.

    To create extra space, throw-away any products that have not been used in the past 6 months. Grouping items together and ordering them with the most regularly used at the front to treatments at the back.

    The aim is to try and keep surfaces clear and uncluttered.

    3.  Replace Handtowels



    Ditch the traditional hand towel and replace with a neat stack of bamboo or cotton face clothes.

    Include a basket for disposal for hotel style elegance and hygiene.  This provides guests with individual towels to dry hands without sharing. Stack, wash, dry, bin –  ready for the washing machine.  An eco-friendly, reusable and sustainable solution.

    4.  Plants


    Bring the outdoors in, with the trend for indoor greenery.   A living and air purifying accent for your bathroom that can be positioned at the end of the bath or angled next to the sink. 

    Choose plants that thrive in moist conditions such as Maidenhead or Boston Ferns. Equally a trailing Devils Ivy perfectly positioned on a shelf creates a point of interest. 

    Fill a corner with a Peace Lily or a larger space with a Bird of Paradise or Areca Palm.

    5.   Upcycle


    A wooden or small footstool next to the bath allows for for easy access to books, candles or a speaker to be displayed on. 

    It is easy to move around and position where needed especially if the bathroom space is tight.

    A useful and practical solution to in creating a relaxing atmosphere for bathtime bliss.

    6.  Bathroom Sink

    In addition to a luxury bottle of soap and the stack of face clothes, invest in a non-drying good quality hand sanitiser to be prominently displayed next to the sink. 

    Include a distinfectant spray and wipes to wipe down surfaces after use.  It might not be the most elegant bathroom addition, but in the current environment it is a bathroom essential.  For the final touch, bring everything together and display these items on a silver or glass tray.

    7.  Rug


    Update and renew your bathroom with a soft rug. There are some great rugs out there which combine the style elements you are searching for combined with the practical element of been machine washable.

    A good way to include a burst of colour to an otherwise neutral décor or to provide the final touches to bring the room together.

    8.  Candles


    Elevate and create a sensory bath or shower time experience with the addition of candles.

    Select your favourite springtime scents and group these together in three’s.  Display them on the foot stool, next to the bath or beside the sink. 

    9.  Lighting and Mirrors


    Key to maintaining good skincare and the chance to spot any budding potential problem zones is the good lighting.   Select the correct light and wattage for ceiling bulbs for a well-lit bathroom. If extra wallspace is available around the vanity area, install and position a light at eye level. 


    For the mirror, a good sized one is essential. Don’t feel confined to the existing standardised bathroom mirrors.  Include an accent mirror with it’s own unique design in the bathroom makeover for a truly personalised look, feel and experience.

    10.  Final Finishing Touches


    The finishing touches to any bathroom should include favourite selfcare products. 

    At TARIO, the natural and indulgent top 3 choices are:



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    SLEEP TIGHT Body & Shower Drops


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