Don't Forget The Eucalyptus!

    With the advent of spring, increased temperatures and longer days there are definitely many things to celebrate.

    We can now meet-up with friends or family and play tennis. 

    Five-a-side football is now an option available to us, as is swimming and golf.

    For those wanting a more leisurely pace and a chance to catch-up, talk, share and laugh, this now includes picnics in the park or the wonderful opportunity to host up to six people for a garden party.


    With demands for BBQ’s, firepits and patio heating at an all time high, add in extra cushions, a pot plant or two and even an outdoor rug into your next shopping basket.  This is a quick and easy to spruce up the outdoor entertaining area.

    As we embrace the spring season and take the first steps out of lockdown and start socialising, the one thing we don’t want to deal with is the dreaded seasonal hay-fever brought on by freshly flowering grass, plants and trees.


    If however, pollen related sneezing and stuffiness is playing chaos at the picnic with your sinuses, try natural eucalyptus and tea tree as go-to botanical oils to keep blocked noses and sneezing at bay.


    ORIGIN – Australia


    With its strong peppery, vaguely medicinal scent this is natures SOS when needing to clear out nasal and sinus congestion.

    Naturally effective in helping relieve the symptoms of minor seasonal colds and coughs.

    Therapeautic and soothing, use a few drops in the bath, shower or with a diffuser.


    ORIGIN – South Africa


    A versatile natural ingredient that has strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. 

    Definitely include this in all activities as it acts as an insect repellent – especially useful when outdoors in the evening.

    *As with all issues health related, if you have any symptoms that are persistent and/or worsening, seek advice from your medical practitioner.