Top Tips to Find your Calm

    Let’s be honest, it is only the family pooch that has received maximum benefit from the past year.
    With WFH, home schooling and coping with new restrictions in the midst of grey days we explore some idea’s that can help keep us mentally and physically strong during this time.

    For the Fitness Fan – if the weather and lockdown is proving a challenge to your fitness goals, focus on strength & recovery.  Stretching, yoga, pilates & barre are all excellent ways to keep muscles strong and improve flexibility for when you can once more take on those big training challenges.

    For those WFH – Schedule time in the work day to get outdoors for 20minutes to an hour. Wrap up warmly for a walk around the neighbourhood or head to the nearest green space.  It is important to move the body, especially if confined to a desk all day.  Increase increase circulation and cardiovascular strength, stretch out the muscles and will help improve mental clarity.



    For those Home Schooling – With it’s own unique set of challenges made trickier when juggling multiple time-tables, it is beneficial to get outside and breathe in fresh air. From energetic toddlers to reluctant teens, take time away from screens to ease muscle tension and eye strain.  Wrap everyone up warmly & get outdoors for a wander or race around the block or head to the park for some fresh winter air.



    For the Skin Lover – Schedule some pamper time.  Go through your makeup and skincare cabinet, throw out the old and unused.  Research and invest in new face-masks, exfoliators and serums. There are some amazing new products that have hit the shelves over the past year, especially in the natural and organic category.

    Run a hot bath, light some candles, put on a playlist or podcast and lie back and relax.  Nourish your skin post bath with your favourite oils and serums.



    For the Foodie – Cooking meals that increase vitamin & nutrient intake and boosts the immune system helps bodies & minds stay strong & healthy during this time. Investigate which seasonal produce is available and research recipes that use all these wonderful ingredients.  Double up on the recipe quantities for batch cooking. This way, you can keep meals in the fridge/freezer for when you don’t want to cook or run out of time.  Cheaper, healthier and tastier than a take away!



    For the Family – With everyone spending exhaustive amounts staring at screens, take time at the end of the day to reconnect.  It is easy to forget to do this even though everyone is living and working under one roof and sharing the same space.  Step away from work & school commitments and spend time with loved ones reconnecting.  Share mealtimes, set up a board-game or take part in some fun family exercise time together. It takes time & commitment but it is important to put this in the diary to help safeguard the health and mental wellbeing of the whole family.

    For Everyone – If worries and uncertainty leave you tossing and turning at night, invest in tools and support to help setup and start new sleep routines.

    Sleep is essential and managing 7-9 hours every night is key to staying mentally, physically and emotionally strong.  Without a good night’s rest, the ability to deal with challenges, obstacles and uncertainty is greatly diminished. A good sleep routine helps keep you on top of life and lets you be the best version of yourself;


    • Start with 5 minutes before bedtime.  For inspiration visit Headspace or Ten Percent Happier
    • Reading – keep it light & easy.
    • Bath – warm water relaxes and calms the body. Whether it’s a shower or bath, add some lavender and breathe in deeply.
    • Exercise – Some light stretching or yoga before bed.
    • Calculate your bed and wake up times and ensure lights are promptly off at bedtime.
    • Invest in a sleep tracking app.


    It takes time to invest in yourself, but make the time to do it! You are worth the investment.  Even if it doesn’t go to plan initially stay focused on why good sleep matters to you and start each night again to set in place good long-term sleeping patterns.

    Share with us how you are doing and any useful tips that you have.