How to recover after a hard workout, naturally.

    How To Let The Body Recover Naturally After A Workout.

    After you put your body through an intense workout or training session it is advised to give yourself sufficient time to allow the muscles to recovery naturally.


    This will ensure the muscles are not overworked or straining to the point of injury causing niggles or worse, lasting damage to muscles and joints.

    Post any high-pressure strength or cardio training, we must allow the body to recover from the strain we have placed it under to avoid potential damage to our muscles and joints.

    Recovery time allows the muscles to reposition, elongate and relax naturally, preventing stiffness, painful splints and pinches throughout the body; which will thus have a negative impact on future workout performance.

    Our solution:


    In addition to stretching, one of the most popular and effective methods to naturally recover after exercise is to soak your body with a sports recovery bath soak!

    This is an effective way to apply direct relief to the entire body.

    When the whole body is submerged in warm water from the neck down this allows the magnesium flakes to get to work in remineralising the body, relaxing the muscles and nourishing your skin.


    A magnesium-based bath soak is excellent at being able to provide all-over support and relief for hard-working muscles after an intense workout or training session!

    Here at Tario, we have created our very own Sports Recovery Bath Soak, made with the purest known source of pollutant-free magnesium bath flakes to help soothe tired muscles and ease body aches and pains.

    It is the perfect addition to add to your post-recovery cool down after an intense cardio or strength workout session.


    A bath soak allows the body to get direct and natural recovery support that can be crucial to prevent overworking and straining the muscles over time.

    How to use our Sport Recovery Bath Soak…


    After you have finished exercising, run your bath like usual and add a handful of our Sport Recovery Bath Flakes right into the water.


    Once the flakes have mixed into the water and dissolved completely then you can proceed to lie back and relax in your bath for at least 20 minutes or so.


    During this recovery time, the bath soak will boost the recovery time of the body, allowing your muscles and joints to feel eased and remineralised.


    What makes our Bath Soak unique?


    Not only are all of our bath soaks made from the purest source of magnesium flakes – the most beneficial for the body- but they are also made up with unique blends of essential and botanical oils.


    Our Sport Recovery Bath Soak has a unique blend of 100% natural peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus oils that help to keep the body uplifted as well as naturally aiding in the recovery of inflamed muscles and joints pains.


    After your next workout treat yourself to a bag of our pure-magnesium Sports Recovery Bath Soak’s and your body will feel the difference afterwards!


    Our Sports recovery soak can help you recover quicker, and naturally after your workout session- getting you back to doing what you love without the pain and strain.

    So, raise your game and get back to enjoying your workout and your post-workout recovery with our bath soaks!


    Top 5 Tips to Optimise Recovery


    1.  STRETCH

    2. HYDRATE



    5. REST & RELAX