How To Stay Positive & Productive During These Times.

    When de-scaling the coffee machine is both the high and lowlight of the day, the potential for paralysis of lockdown routine could be setting in.

    After months of uncertainty and what feels like an eternity of balancing the stress of WFH, homeschooling and all the while fighting the lethargy of endless chores, now might be the point in time to consider how to stay productive and positive.

    NAME IT.  Get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper or your laptop.  A “brain-dump” of everything in your head is the first step in helping tackle those feelings of being overwhelmed.

    PRIORITISE for Organisation. Working smarter not harder is the key. Creating a list of tasks helps bring perspective to the day.  Start with getting the low-level, quick & easier tasks out of the way. Once you start checking tasks off the list, not only does it create a sense of achievement and organisation but it creates mental space for the bigger more skilled & time consuming items.

    PHONE A FRIEND or colleague if you need direction or brainstorming support.  Verbalising it and talking it through can get you out of your head.  A friendly voice might just be the answer in getting the momentum needed to move foreward

    SET BOUNDARIES to define your productivity.  It is important to ensure the hours don’t become lost in an abyss of time. Schedule time to work, take breaks and leave time for exercise and getting outdoors. This helps build both mental and physical clarity which allows for improved productivity.

    TIDY-UP the WFH desk & space at the end of the day.  This allows for organisation and lets you dive right in first thing in the morning, ready to tackle your goals for the day without any delay.

    RELAX with a long hot bath.  Include some magnesium bath flakes into your bath time routine and stretch out and relax tired, cramped muscles. Magnesium flakes have the added benefits of


    • Remineralising & replenishing magnesium levels
    • Relieves stiff, sore and cramped muscles
    • Supports a good night’s sleep
    • Nourishes skin


    For added benefit, try the TARIO SLEEP TIGHT Bath Soaks with magnesium flakes.  Blended with the calming scents of lavender, camomile and ylang-ylang to relax muscles and mood for a good nights rest.

    Alternatively if feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, the uplifting scents of mandarin, lavender & frankincense from the STRESS RELIEF Bath Soaks might just be what your body and mind needs to unwind and relax.