For dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Softens, revitalises & nourishes skin. Suitable for dry & sensitive skin.
    Apricot Kernal
    Rich & nourishing oil packed with Vitamin A & E. Excellent for sensitive skin.
    High in Vitamin E which protects & regenerates skin. Helps strengthen, smooth & nourish hair & nails.
    Rich in Oleic Acid (Omega 9) & Vitamin E. Ultra-moisturising & wonderful for dry & mature skin. Improves skin smoothness & elasticity.
    High in Vitamins A, D & F & Omega’s which are essential in skin repair & rejuvination. A favourite at TARIO
    Black Cumin
    Softens, nourishes & conditions skin. A natural ingredient traditionally used to promote healthy hair & improve skin vitality.
    Broccoli Seed
    Excellent anti-oxidant properties & rich in Omega’s 6 & 9 which deeply penetrates, hydrates & balances skin.
    Camellia Seed
    Also known as White Tea oil. Lightweight & rapidly absorbed with moisturising & conditioning properties.
    Chia Seed
    A super moisturiser rich in Alpha Linolenic Acid (Omega 3) and Linoleic Acid (Omega 6).
    Mild, lightweight & easily absorbed oil to moisturise, rebalance & hydrate skin.
    Rich in linoleic acids with deep penetration properties to moisturise & strengthen skin & hair.
    Jojoba Seed
    Mimics the natural sebum in skin. Softens, & moisturises skin without clogging pores.
    Marula Seed
    One of Africa’s richest & most loved oils. Rich in anti-oxidants & a high linoleic content, it hydrates, heals & reduces redness while increasing skin smoothness.
    A moisturising oil with a gentle scent that protects & restores dehydrated skin.
    Prickly Pear
    Rich in Vitamins E & K, essential fatty acids & anti-oxidants. A nutritional oil which repairs, replenishes & restores elasticity while reducing the signs of aging.
    Pomegranate Seed
    Rich in punic acid & anti-oxidants which regenerates, revives & smooths skin. An essential for dry or damaged skin.
    Raspberry Seed
    High in anti-inflammatory properties which reduce redness, moisturise dry & dehydrated skin and repair damaged skin.
    A healing oil that minimises the appearance of wrinkles & assists cell regeneration to improve elasticity for firmer, smoother skin. Rich in Vitamin A & E and Linoleic acids.
    Safflower Seed
    One of the highest natural sources of Oleic acid which rejuvenates damaged skin & provides a moisture boost to dry skin.
    Sea Buckthorn
    Brimming with fatty acids which hydrate & regenerate cells for healthier skin.
    The anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial properties help promote skin healing.
    Packed with Vitamin E and wonderful emollient properties to nourish & hydrate skin.
    Rich in beta-carotene & powerful antioxidants. With Vitamins A, B & E this is brilliant at helping repair skin. With its dirt dissolving abilities, it detoxifies & clear pores leaving skin clear & healthy.


    Soothes, calms & eases anxiety with a balancing effect on body & mind. Elevates low moods & enhances well being. Antibacterial & antiviral properties helps improves skin tone.
    Enhances well being, eases digestion, fights cold symptoms & can act as an insect repellent.
    Black pepper
    Supports recovery of aching limbs & sore muscles. Boosts immunity and increases alertness.
    Soothes, repairs & cleanses skin. calms the mind & promotes sleep.
    Eases muscular aches & pains and improves concentration. Helps with decongestion & can act as an antiseptic for bacterial & fungal infections.
    A warming & invigorating scent used to calm the senses & revitalise mind & mood.
    A zesty scent which uplifts, energises & refreshes mind, body & mood. Supports detox.
    Calming, rejuvenating & soothing. Softens skin & acts as an antiseptic. Helps ease tension headaches & promotes sleep.
    Supports post workout recovery with anti-inflammatory properties to help ease muscle tension and cramps. Refreshing with decongestion benefits to soothe the effects of blocked sinuses.
    A refreshing & uplifting citrus scent to refresh & rejuvenate tired bodies & minds.
    Instantly revitalising & uplifting scent to help combat the effects of tiredness & stress.
    Relieves the effects of stress & anxiety. With antiseptic properties to support wound healing.
    Refreshing scent which is used to ease muscular stiffness & support tension release. Helps decongest block sinuses & fights cold symptoms.
    A fresh & calming oil. We source only the finest Rose in the world from Bulgaria.
    Tea tree
    Fights cold and flu symptoms. Excellent for use in steam inhalation to ease congested sinuses. Soothes skin irritations.
    Exotic, floral & uplifting which aids relaxation & eases anxiety.  Nourishes & tones for a more balanced skin.