TARIO™ Baths Soaks are created using only the purest 100% natural pollutant free Magnesium Chloride flakes. These are sourced from the ancient 250 million year old Zechstein Sea and sustainably extracted from 1500 metres underground. TARIO™ Bath Soaks are created using Zechstein Inside® Magnesium Chloride Flakes for use as a bath or foot soak.

    When fighting the effects of physical and mental fatigue, the transdermal absorption of magnesium chloride flakes is useful in aiding:

    • • Muscle recovery
    • • Soothe aches and pains
    • • Reduce stress & anxiety
    • • Ease headaches
    • • Promote sleep
    • • Nourish & protect skin
    • • Replace essential minerals
    • • Promote overall well-being

    Blending together elements from land and sea, our unique blend of skincare products are created with an alchemy of seed and botanical oils, salts, clays and powders for use at home as a regular treatment, a recovery therapy or a home spa experience.

    All of Tario Skincare products are:

    Palm oil free
    Paraben & Dye free
    Pharmaceutical grade
    Cruelty free