Consider including dry brushing into your pre-bath time routine. A simple activity that takes a few minutes but leaves skin positively glowing.


    ⇒   Exfoliates dry, dull and dehydrated skin

    ⇒  Boosts circulation

    ⇒  Targets cellulite

    ⇒  Gets skin glowing


    For the body select a brush with natural bristles & a long handle for those harder to reach areas.

    For the face, a softer, smaller brush works best.

    HOW TO

    Using a light circular motion, brush gently in an upwards motion starting from the feet and moving up the leg to the front and back of the calves, knees and thighs.

    As you progress to the thighs & back area, brushing intensity can increase.


    Continue moving up the body.

    When reaching the stomach and chest area use a lighter touch and continue brushing in upward circles.


    Move onto the arms, starting at the back of the hands and work your way up until you reach the base of the neck.  Repeat on the other arm.


    Once you reach the base of the neck, swap the body brush for the smaller, softer brush.

    Using upwards strokes, start on the neckline and brush in a gentle circular motion moving the brush up over the chin, cheeks & forehead.

    Avoid the delicate skin around the eyes and use only the lightest touch over the lips.


    Dry brushing only needs to be included once to twice a week into your pre-bath routine.

    Once you have completed dry brushing, climb into a warm bath for a soothing soak.


    For truly glowing skin, after the bath pat dry your body with the fluffiest towel available and apply a moisturizing body lotion or oil.

    Finish off with the vitamin packed TARIO Nutrify Night Oil for that extra boost of night care nourishment.

    What is your pre-bath prep?  Send us your top tips.