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    We are all up to date and educating ourselves on how to best reduce our carbon footprint. Aware of the dangers of plastic pollution we attempt to make good eco-friendly decisions and where possible, consciously select refillable, plastic-free beauty and cleaning products.

    The beauty industry is making great strides to ensure manufacturing is moving towards more sustainable earth friendly choices. There is however some way to go.

    As bathrooms are often hard surface rooms this is a minefield for breakables especially when raising young families. The result is so often a room filled with plastic. Bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, lotions and potions; Despite our best intentions our favourite room remains a haven of plastic due to functionality and convenience.

    In today’s blog we focus on the everyday items in our bathrooms. How to reduce, reuse and recycle many popular bathroom accessories and explore how we can make this essential room more sustainable.


    So, do you know which items in your bathroom go where, when you are finished with them?

    Cotton Swabs and Balls

    Simply add a caddy bin into your bathroom for compostable, plastic-free products. Providing the cotton wool and swabs are plastic free, add into the bin after use for the compost when ready. Those empty cardboard loo rolls can also be added into your bathroom bin caddy.

    Towels and cloths

    Wipes have been replaced with muslin and faceclothes which can be rewashed and reused. With the selection of bamboo and cotton towels and muslins now available, these are traditionally 100% natural so can easily be repurposed as cleaning clothes when past their best prime.

    Alternatively consider contacting your local animal charity or shelter and donating much needed towels and bath sheets.


    Candles often come in lovely glass containers.  Instead of throwing away these gorgeous, useful holders, a top tip is to scrape out any excess wax and wash with warm soapy water. Upcycle the container to hold a posy of flowers which go perfectly on a bedside table. Alternatively use them to hold desk essentials such as pens, highlighters and pencils.


    Stylish, elegant and perfectly repurposed!


    Many of the big retailers are supporting makeup recycling and as an added benefit even offer reward points. With over a 1000 drop points retailers such as Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Boots and Superdrug provide instore recycling for your makeup.  Simply drop them off when next instore or visit your local retailer’s website to find out more details on your nearest drop-off.  Items that can be recycled include, eyeshadow, powders & blusher compacts and palettes. Mascara’s, eyeliners, lipstick and gloss tubes.  Foundations and concealer tubes and bottles.

    Sponges and Loofahs

    If you have already managed to switch from the manmade neon plastic sponges and now use natural sponges and loofahs, then disposing of them is very easy.

    100% Natural sponges and loofahs are a eco-friendly choice which is compostable. Simply tear or cut them up into smaller pieces to dispose and let nature’s natural bacteria break them down.

    Loo Rolls

    Cardboard recycling can also be compostable. A cheaper and convenient way than recycling, throw empty loo roll holders onto the compost pile when done.

    Another useful option is to keep them for the arts and crafts box especially if you have younger children and constantly looking to entertain them.  From telescopes to marble runs; decorate, cut and paint for a quick and easy art project. Practical, cheap and entertaining for our next generation of eco-conscious citizens.

    Cleaning products

    Many cleaning products now offer refillable options. Research available planet-friendly options online or instore and choose the ones that work best for you. There are a number of excellent clean-cleaning products available.  As for packaging, to help reduce plastic-use select products that provide a refillable option. Once its empty, simply rinse out and refill.  When your refillable bottle has reach the end of its life span, popit it in the recycling.


    As razorblades are a combination of plastic and metal, they are very difficult to recycle. Instead opt for reusable options or get on board with Terracycle which partners with well-known and established brands to recycle razors and beauty products. It is as simple as 1,2,3.


    All you need to do to start the process is visit their website;


    1. REGISTER. to receive your prepaid, addressed envelope. Just provide your name and address. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.
    2. COLLECT.  Instead of throwing razors away, collect them at home.
    3. SEND.  Send your used razors and blades to TerraCycle in your prepaid envelope.


    Shampoo and Conditioner bottles


    Simply rinse out and place in the recycling. These can be placed in your green recycling bin.

    Visit your local council website for details.

    Share your best reused & repurposed item in your bathroom and receive 10% off your next TARIO purchase.