Are you neglecting your night-time skincare routine?

    We dedicate so much time in the morning to our skincare routine; applying everything in steps from our cleanser to suncream. With creams, gel, lotions and potions all in a carefully devised order.

    Instinctively our morning routines become like our own mini self-care rituals; it’s something we do every morning to makes us feel ready to take on the day ahead. However, when it comes to the evening; we tend to forget that our skin still needs some love at the end of the day. It’s understandable why we don’t always want to follow a five or six-step skincare routine after a long day of work or commuting.


    Although if you can treat your night-time routine as your next second self-care ritual of the day then your association might change over time; making it more instinctive and enjoyable.


    We invest a lot of our time and money into our skincare routines so we mustn’t forget to pay as much attention to our face and body at the end of the day! Our AM routines will differ slightly from a PM routine but that is because after work we can dedicate more time to pampering our entire body as well as taking care of our skin.



    Establishing and implementing a night-time skincare routine does not need to be over-complicated or take up too much time. At night-time, it is important to focus on your body just as much as your facial skincare, and we have created the perfect guide that you can follow along with at home.


    Our recommended night-time routine has been split up into two sections; body and face. This will help you understand the benefits of a night-time routine for your entire body. In some cases you may not always have the time after work, in the evening, to follow all of our recommendations. However, if you can implement the essentials then anything else you can make time for, is an added treat in your self-care ritual.


    If you would like some advice on how to revamp your existing AM skincare routine then please do feel free to check out our new ‘Ultimate Summer Skincare Routine’ blog post after reading our recommended night-time routine.

    Our Recommended Bath and Body Routine:

    Step One: After a long day at work, it is important to take the time to feel rebalanced and calm. That is why running yourself a relaxing bath or shower can help to relieve any muscle tension or stress that might have been built up during the day.


    The addition of bath soaks, or shower oils can further aid in muscle relaxation due to their aromatic properties being popular natural muscle relaxants.


    Step Two: Body oils are excellent for applying directly to the skin to help relieve aching muscles and allow the body to feel completely relaxed and recentered. Body oils are shower friendly alternatives to a bath if you do not have one, or still trying to be mindful of your time in the evenings. A quick shower with a stress-relieving or body-calming oil can offer vital nourishment and relief to the body.


    Below we have hand-picked two popular ingredients to look out for in your bath soaks and body oils to help you feel uber calm and tranquil in the evenings:


    • Lavender – Excellent at naturally calming and relaxing the mind and body
    • Magnesium in Bath soaks can help replenish minerals, nourish skin and support muscle recovery.


    Allowing yourself the time in the evening to have a calming bath or shower will not only help your body recenter its self, but it will also prompt an improved quality of sleep.


    Once you have dedicated some time to your body, you can then move onto your face….

    Our Recommended Skincare Routine:


    At night-time, our skincare routine should focus on cleansing and nourishing the skin as thoroughly as possible! 


    Step One: Similar to your AM routine, start off by cleansing your skin twice as this will help ensure that all traces of makeup and dirt is removed from your pores.


    Your second cleanse can be a gentle facial scrub or micellar water cleanser. Again this will start to feel similar to your AM routine as you follow on from your second cleanse with your usual toner.


    Step Two: After your toner, apply your usual serums and oils. These should be specifically for night-time use so that they do not clog up your pores overnight.


    A popular skincare product to implement into your night-time routine is the inclusion of facial oils and recovery serums; that will work overnight to help clear, hydrate and nourish your skin.


    Tip:  When searching for a night oil to implement into your skincare routine, look out for essential Vitamins, Natural Oils and Botanics. These work hard to restore and replenish the skin overnight. You will visibly see the difference when you wake up the next morning with nourished, and glowing looking skin.


    If you treat your day and night-time skincare routines as self-care rituals then over time they will become instinctive behaviour. It will take time to get used to but the benefits to your skin, body and mind will be too good to miss!


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