The Top 6 Benefits of using MAGNESIUM FLAKES in your Bath

    Why are we such fans of magnesium flakes?


    In today’s discussion we unpack the benefits of a warm bath with the addition of large, luxurious magnesium flakes.

    What are the best sources of magnesium?


    Factors such as lifestyle, stress, time, food processing and planning often results in daily routines not allowing for sufficient intake of essential vitamins and minerals.

    Magnesium is one of these key minerals and is important in maintaining a strong body.  The good news is that it can be found naturally in many of our food’s sources. 

    These include nuts and seeds such as pumpkin, almonds and peanuts as well as legumes, wholegrains and also dark leafy vegetables like kale and spinach.  Avocado, fish, plain yoghurt and soy milk and even dark chocolate are all good magnesium sources..


    An alternative method to support magnesium intake is via transdermal absorption which is where it is absorbed via the skin.  One such method to achieve this is with a warm bath and a few handfuls of easily soluble magnesium flakes.


    TOP TIP – For the ultimate selfcare solution, select the STRESS Relief Bath Soaks which blends magnesium flakes with botanical oils to support muscle recovery and reset mind, body and mood.


    Magnesium Flakes vs Epsom Salts.


    Both salts and flakes have their benefits. Magnesium flakes, which are also known as salts, are a completely different compound to Epsom Salts.


    Epsom salts which are from the compound’s magnesium + sulphate


    The magnesium flakes are made up of the compound’s magnesium + chloride


    In addition to their compound structure the appearance between the salts is very different. Epsom salts are smaller and granular while the magnesium salts are larger and flake-like yet remain very easily dissolvable in water.


    The magnesium flakes that TARIO source are from the ancient Zechstein Sea.  Furthermore, due to the underground depth of the flakes these are protected from toxins and heavy metals therefor making it the best-known source of pollutant free magnesium in the world.


    TOP TIP – Magnesium flakes are fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin and children.

    Benefits of Magnesium Bath Flakes.


    In addition to muscle recovery, the highly soluble magnesium flakes play a key role in selfcare routines focused on sleep and stress management.


    The benefits of a warm bath with magnesium flakes include;


    ♥   Relieving the symptoms of stiffy, achy muscles and restless legs

    ♥   Assists muscle recovery post cardio, strength or competitive sports training

      Reduces tiredness, fatigue and improves energy levels

      Effective in calming and relaxing the body

      Remineralisation to improve body effectiveness

    ♥   Supports general health and selfcare

    ♥   Nourishes the skin



    TOP TIP – For an ultra selfcare boost, sip a green smoothie in the soothing embrace of a warm magnesium bath.




    How To Use.


    For a full body soak, run a warm bath, add in 2-4 handfuls of the bath flakes.

    For SOS care 4-8 handfuls can be used.

    Swirl the flakes in the bath until dissolved.

    Lie back & relax for 20 minutes.

    For maximum benefit, wrap up warmly afterwards & stay hydrated.

    For the best results use 2-3 times per week


    TOP Tip – If a bath is not available, a footsoak with 1-2 handfuls of magnesium flakes is an alternative and effective option.



    Which Magnesium Bathsoak should I choose?


    At TARIO, our bathsoaks are blended with magnesium flakes and botanical oils for their targeted benefits. Whether it is stress, sleep, energy or colds and flu symptoms, whatever your individual needs, there is a targeted bathsoak solution created for you.


    Explore the options that will best benefit you.

    SPORTS RECOVERY– Boosts physical recovery post cardio, strengthening or competitive sports training.  Blended with the anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon to boost muscle and mental recovery.


    SLEEP TIGHT – Calm, rejuvenate & relax to promote and enhance a good night’s rest. Blended with the calming benefits of lavender, camomile & ylang-ylang to soothe and relax for a good night’s sleep.


    STRESS RELIEF – Reset & rebalance mind, body and mood with the reviving effects of magnesium flakes blended with Mandarin, Lavender & Frankincense.


    SNIFFLES SUPPORT – If suffering from aches, pains and congestion brought on by seasonal sniffles, colds or flu; Magnesium flakes help relieve some of those muscular aches & pains while eucalyptus, tea tree & lime decongestant and release the symptoms of blocked sinuses.



    TOP TIP – Run a Warm bath vs hot bath to open pores for improved absorption. Stay Hydrated.



    In addition to the premium quality of the magnesium flakes, we ensure that our supply chain meets all sustainable requirements.  TARIO Bath soaks are,


    Sourced responsibly



    Gluten free

    No added dyes & parabens