The Ultimate Summer Skincare Routine

    With Summer on the horizon, we can begin to enjoy everything whilst basking in the sunlight!

    The upcoming delight of arguably the best time of year- Summer, is something we can all begin to look forward to. Restrictions are still being relaxed, and a cocktail with friends in the sun sounds extremely long-overdue.


    However, we cannot afford to forget about looking after our skin! Even when we are not necessarily in the sun, it still needs to be well looked after to avoid any damage caused by the sun or the warmer temperatures.


    If you would like to know how you can achieve nourished, radiant and glowing skin this Summer whilst still keeping it protected from the sun, then we have the perfect routine for you!

    Our Ultimate Summer Skincare Routine has been split into five easy to follow steps to help ensure your skin looks rejuvenated & feels nourished all Summer long. Whilst, at the same time keeping it protected from harmful sun rays and pollution.


    If you would like a step-by-step Summer Skincare routine then please keep reading…

    Step One: Think about lightening up your daily cleanser!

    First things first, forget what you have heard. You do not need to go out and buy a whole new collection of skincare when we get to summer. That winter moisturiser will more than likely work just as well all year round.


    However, an overly-thick creamy based cleanser might become slightly more drying on the skin in the warmed months than in winter. Think about lightening up your daily cleanser, and instead, opt for a lightweight gel-based cleanser.


    Remember to continue cleansing daily, and to switch up your cleanser if you are finding it to be too drying on the skin.



    Step Two: Invest in a good Serum.

    Facial oils and serums are all-year-round products, even in a summer skincare routine! Two popular serums you should think about adding into your routine are Vitamin C and Rosehip Oil.


    Vitamin C is a very popular ingredient in skincare as it can naturally firm and rejuvenate the skin, as well as enhancing your natural glow. Furthermore, the addition of Vitamin C along with a sun cream can both make an extra layer of protection from the sun for your skin.


    Rosehip oil, on the other hand, is another very popular ingredient in summer skincare serums. Rosehip helps to naturally firm up and nourish the skin; helping to keep your skin looking radiant all summer long.


    *Skin Saviour Serum recommendation from TARIO!



    Step Three: Don’t forget to exfoliate.

    You might not believe it, but the exfoliating step in skincare routines does tend to get ‘lost’ when it comes to our Summer Skincare routine! People believe that the sun is quite drying to their skin, and further exfoliation will only increase dryness. This is not strictly true.


    Over exfoliation and exfoliating too often is not good for the skin, however, an occasional facial scrub should remain in your skincare routine at least twice a week. Although, no more than three times. A deep facial scrub once every couple of days is an excellent way to help remove any clogged dirt in pores or to help shift any excess makeup after cleansing.


    Furthermore, gentle exfoliation can help to stimulate the skin and will appear to be naturally plumper and glowing afterwards. Avoid facial scrubs that have thick lumps in them as they can be quite harsh on the skin. Whereas a finer consistency will glide gently and will be less likely to cause any redness or irritation to the skin.


    Step Four: Facial Mists will become your skin saviour this summer.

    Moisturiser is a given in a daily skincare routine- all year round. During the summer some products will get absorbed up by the skin very quickly; moisturisers being one of them. That is why a hydrating facial mist will become your handbag staple this summer.


    There is no easier way to add some extra hydration to your skin than to grab a facial misting spray and spritz it all over. They can be applied all over the face, and body to give your skin an extra boost of nourishment.


    A facial mist can even be spritzed over your makeup, so you don’t have to be makeup-free to use them. It also means that you do not have to keep applying other moisturising products in the form of creams or gels if you didn’t want to; as a hydrating mist is virtually a mess-free alternative.


    They make for an excellent addition to a Summer Skincare Routine!



    Finally; Please don’t forget your SPF!

    The most important part of your skincare routine is to make sure that you keep your skin protected at all costs. Sun damage is not always easy to spot, therefore keeping your skin covered with a strong factor 30 – 50 offers the vital protection your skin needs in the sun.


    It will need to be reapplied depending on how often you are exposed to the sun, so make sure you invest in a good SPF that is non-comedogenic so it will not clog up your pores as you reapply it to all the skin exposed to the sun (face, neck, chest, ears and hands) throughout the day.


    Please never forget to apply your SPF, even when you are not necessarily directly in the sun; it is recommended to be worn & reapplied as the final step in all skin care routines –  every single day. All-year-round!

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