With the subtle heady scents of the hot sun, warm desert winds and salty scents of tropical beaches, TARIO Beard & Hair oil encapsulates warmth, fresh air and sunshine.

    Using the best of the natural world to fight fizz, condition and smooth, we share our top 4 organic ingredients in TARIO Beard & Hair Oil which are sourced from the length & breadth of the African continent.



    Origin:  MADAGASCAR

    Vitamins E & K

    This instantly recognisable plant is multi-beneficial for both hair and skin care. A lightweight ingredient that melts into the skin yet packs a punch with over one and a half times more Vitamin E than the more well know argan oil.  For a boost of nutrients and anti-oxidants this is one of our favourite ingredients which repairs, conditions and rejuvenates.


    Origin:  EGYPT

    Vitamins A & B

    Known by its botanical name of Nigella Sativa and with its distinctive spicy, peppery scent this ingredient is filled with proteins, nutrients and minerals. It conditions and smooths hair follicles without weighing hair down.  Add in the anti-bacterial properties of this ingredient and it is a must-have to keep beards, moustaches and hair in tiptop condition.


    Origin:  GHANA

    Vitamins A & F

    A distinctive tree known as “The Tree of Life” or the “Upside down Tree”.  Capable of storing water in its trunk to survive even the harshest drought yet still able to produce fruit weighing up to 3lb.

    With seeds rich in nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants, this is a key ingredient to condition and nourish skin and scalp.  Baobab oil deeply penetrates hair follicles to enrich and improve elasticity, eliminating dryness and itchiness while keeping hair healthy, glossy and frizz free.


    Origin:  MOROCCO

    Vitamins B & E

    The original natural ingredient in the fight against fizzy hair follicles. With the optimum balance of fatty essential acids and vitamins, argan oil is a rich, luxurious but essential addition to our formula to boost shine and tame wild hair and beards.



    Made in the UK

    Organic & 100% natural

    Lightweight & Easily absorbed


    TOP TIP – Massage any exccess treatment into your cuticles for healthy, strong nails.

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