Self-care is very personal and varies from person to person. With the days getting shorter and colder, we put together a few tips on self-care to help you wind down after a day’s work.



    Exercise & Fresh Air


    If a yoga flow or an energetic HIIT session is just not doing it for you at the moment, take time before or after work to get outdoors.

    It might be colder and the days shorter but spending at least 20 minutes a day outdoors breathing in the cool fresh autumn air is beneficial for both mind and body.


    Over the weekends, get the whole household involved and spend time in the garden sweeping up

    the colourful autumn leaves. A workout in its own functional way!


    Alternatively, put on your wellies for a muddy walk  around your local area and return home for a hot chocolate and a comforting biscuit.




    As we transition from the office back into WFT,  take time to reflect & plan for the month ahead.

    Set up regular check-in times with family & friends and zoom your way through November.


    Work on completing any deadlines and tackle any personal commitments that have fallen by the wayside, so when December arrives, it is all about Christmas and a time for celebrations and reconnecting.


    Making & Baking

    As the Great British Bake-Off heads into the quarter finals, get back into the baking spirit with some of the lovely autumnal produce currently available. 


    A homemade apple pie with a rich buttery pastry served with warm custard is a wonderful warming occasional treat.


    If searching for inspiration for home baking beyond banana bread, dig out the old family recipes, head down memory lane and consider a fruity traditional Christmas cake.

    Be it for yourself, family or as a gift, the earlier you make it the richer and tastier it becomes.

    For inspiration, try a classic Mary Berry recipe.





    With the cold air outside and the indoor heating on, the transition of seasons can wreck havoc on our skin.


    Stock-up on face masks, oils, serums & prepare for a weekly Saturday or Friday night “not going out”, at home pamper session.

    Put on a hair & face mask to revitalise dry, damaged or tired skin & hair and snuggle up on the couch with the next round of new releases and box set.


    For an extra boost, finish off the skincare routine with a nourishing and hydrating face oil that leaves skin feeling, softer, smoother and refreshed.

    Take time to invest in your mental, physical & emotional well-beign and let’s emerge into December, looking and feeling our best.


    Share your selfcare tips with us!