Top Tips on Battling Hayfever

    Top Tips for battling Hayfever

    Summer is here, meaning warmer days are ahead but so is the dreaded hayfever season. Hayfever is the one thing that can make going outside this summer both unbearable and unpleasant.

    The combination of constant sneezing, blocked sinuses and itchy eyes & throat can turn a pleasant park walk in the sun into a painful attack of trying to desperately contain the sneezing and the onset of an itchy face.


    Allergies from pollen can trigger hayfever but that does not mean that you have to put up with it. Hayfever does not have to stop you from going out and enjoying that family picnic on the grass, or for a cycle down the quaint canal side.

    You do not need to feel like you cannot go out and enjoy the sun this Summer, as guess what – hayfever can be helped!

    Here at Tario, we have curated our very own handy hayfever guide that is packed full of our top tips to help get you through this hayfever season.




    Top Tip One: Be careful with where you are hanging your clean washing.

    Pollen is constantly in the air and it can stick to clothes, bedlinen and towels just as much as to your face and sinuses. Consider hanging your washing up indoors when possible to avoid bringing pollen back into your home attached to your newly washed, clean clothes.



    Top Tip Two: Remember to change your clothes or wash after pollen exposure.  After spending a considerable amount of time outdoors exposed to pollen and other allergy triggers, it is good to wash your hands, face and change your clothes to remove any lingering pollen particles. Wipe dry with a freshly laundered towel.



    Top Tip Three: When outside – avoid touching your eyes and face.  During Summer the typical pollen count is significantly higher and can be spread to your face and eyes much easier. Try to avoid touching your face or wiping your eyes with your hands like this as you could be directly smearing particles of pollen all over your face; prompting a painful sneezing session.



    Top Tip Four: Always pack some essentials with you for when your hayfever does hit.

    Keeping a pack of tissues, hand sanitiser and allergy medication with you at all times when outdoors will ensure that should a sneezing session be triggered that

    you have all bases covered. These handy essentials can keep you clean, safe and prepared for when a hayfever episode does flare up unexpectedly.

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