Wellbeing and this Year

    We share our top WELLBEING tips, experiences and discoveries from this year.

    WFH – Working from Home and adapting to new environments, relationships and communication formats has meant we have found an unexpected strength and resilience within us.  Take a moment to acknowledge the ups, downs, highs, lows, frustrations, expectations and achievements. A special mention to new wardrobe styles!

    Exercise – Heading outdoors has never felt so good. For at least 20minutes a day in the fresh air, our backs, core, arms, bums & tums have all benefited from a stretch, walk, run, cycle or HIIT. 

    Laughter – Finding new ways to connect and share joy. From meme’s to online calls and cocktail time, we have found humour in surprising ways and especially from within ourselves. 

    Love – Embrace love.  From friends, family and communities; Love has been shown in so many unexpected, small and generous ways.

    Be kind – reaching out to friends, family, neighbours and communities.  A little means a lot. We have all played our part or been on the receiving end of small acts of kindness.  They count and we are thankful.

    Environment – With less cars on the road & a reduction in air travel, it has certainly not been convenient or ideal, but the earth has had a moment to breath and recover and that can only be good.

    Ingredients – Nourishing food choices have kept us strong and healthy.  Selecting meal ingredients that impact the health of body & mind is a key component in keeping us all healthy and happy.

    Nurture – Taking time to look after oneself. A bath, boxset or pamper session.  Investing time to care for ourselves has allowed moments to pause during a chaotic time, reset our mind and prepare as best as we can for what is next to come.

    Gratitude – The ability to recognise what has been achieved over the past months and for those friends and family that have supported, loved and encouraged us as we all faced our shared, yet own unique journeys.



    Hope, love, share, care.

    Share with us your WELLBEING tips from 2020