Whether the journey of growing facial hair is at the beginning or you are currently the proud owner of an existing one, a beard oil is an essential part of a haircare routine that goes hand in hand with skincare.

    Caring for the skin underneath is as important as the time and attention invested in the grooming of the beard and of course let us not forget the accompanying moustache.


    10 BENEFITS OF A BEARD OIL include:


      • Moisturise & nourish skin & hair
      • Stops itchiness
      • Prevents hair & skin dryness
      • Strengthens and improves hair growth
      • Eliminates beardruff
      • Repairs damaged hair
      • Soothes irritated skin
      • Creates a fuller, softer beard
      • Polished, healthy frizz free follicles,
      • Silky smooth skin


    STEP 1

    Start the grooming routine with a regular wash & shampoo to clean hair and remove any debris caused from beardruff and unwanted bits that accumulate during the day.


    STEP 2

    Gently towel dry.  Don’t be too zealous in rubbing the hair as we don’t want the hair follicles heading off & pointing in a myriad of directions. This is fine if going for the wild and wiry look but not if the goal is smooth, frizz-free hair.

    Once towel dried, comb out the hair with a beard & moustache comb starting from the neck and working your way up.  Once done, comb the hair back down.  This keeps the hair growing in the correct direction and allows the beard to be healthier and fuller looking.



    STEP 3

    Next, select and use a Beard & Hair Oil to nourish & moisturise, tame fly away strands and provide a dose of much needed Vitamin E for both skin and beard.

    This is an important part of haircare maintenance as a Beard Oil conditions hair for vitality and nourishes the skin underneath to prevent itchy irritating skin which is especially prevalent in the first 4-6 weeks of new beard growth.


    Try the TARIO Beard & Hair Oil which is a lightweight cold-pressed formula that uses an organic blend of 12 seed and botanical oils to target specific needs. These include,


      • Prickly Pear, Baobab & Argan for a boost of Vitamin E, protein & omega’s.
      • Broccoli Seed & Hemp to nourish and repair.
      • Black Cumin for vitality.
      • Safflower & Apricot kernel seed oil to moisturise and hydrate.
      • Camelia seed oil to smooth and condition.
      • A blend of botanical flower oils of jasmine, neroli, rose and bergamot oil for a gentle zesty, citrusy scent to soften and balance the warmth of the peppery black cumin.

    TARIO Beard & Hair Oil combines natural oils carefully chosen to smooth, condition and moisturise without clogging pores, leaving skin and hair full of vitality and radiating health.